Innovative Digital Terrestrial Multimedia Broadcasting System


More than 40 regions and 340 companies took part in the IV international exhibition and forum “Import Substitution 2018”. The main purpose of the exhibition is to facilitate the implementation of the tasks set by the President of the Russian Federation V. Putin regarding the import substitution program.

The exhibition was held to demonstrate the capabilities and achievements of domestic producers in the field of competitive import substitution of goods and services by expanding and establishing its own production, as well as the latest technologies, promising developments and investment projects that characterize the scientific, technical and production potential of Russia.

Among the participants of the exhibition “Import Substitution 2018” is AO "Sarapul radio plant" that presented the receiving equipment for digital radio broadcasting in the RAVIS standards. In addition, the RAVIS digital terrestrial audio and multimedia broadcasting system demonstrated at the exhibition “Import Substitution 2018” broadcasting a standard-resolution television program (broadcast on the same frequency of video content with a demonstration on the screen of a smartphone and tablet (without the use of the Internet)) and other services.

AO “Sarapul radio plant” is the oldest Russian radio engineering plant founded in 1900. It is actively engaged in the diversification of production trending towards civilian products in the field of RAVIS. It was the first manufacturer of:
- car receiver;
- transistor radio;
- stereo radio and much more.

“Import substitution 2018” (figures and facts): more than 340 exhibitors, more than 40 regions. More than 15 000 people attended the exhibition.