Innovative Digital Terrestrial Multimedia Broadcasting System


On September 18-19, 2018 in Izhevsk, Udmurt Republic, the Arms forum took place. More than 500 specialists from 25 regions of Russia attended the Forum.
The key theme of the Forum was to increase the competitiveness and diversification of the industry.

Managers and specialists of weapons enterprises, representatives of authorities, representatives of companies offering services for enterprises of the military-industrial complex, including the Moscow Institute of physics and technology (MIPT) with digital terrestrial sound and multimedia broadcasting system RAVIS were invited to participate in the Forum.
The forum included a number of discussions on the support of the defense industry, personnel policy, exports, labor productivity, industrial design and technology.

Representatives of the aerospace defense group Almaz-Antey, AO "Izhevsk mechanical plant", the Association "Machine-building cluster of the Republic of Tatarstan", OOO "Innovation center of the Concern "Kalashnikov", the permanent representative of the Head of the Udmurt Republic with the President of the Russian Federation, JSC "Sarapul Radio plant", MIPT and others attended the meeting.

The products of the defense industry enterprises of the Udmurt Republic were presented on the Forum. Before entering the territory of the exhibition pavilion of the Forum, heavy military equipment produced by the enterprises of the defense industry of Udmurtia was shown.

On the Central square of Izhevsk an exhibition pavilion was opened, which presented the products of all the leading enterprises of the defense industry of the Udmurt Republic, including AO "Sarapul radio plant" and its business partner – Moscow Institute of physics and technology (MIPT) with the system of digital terrestrial audio and multimedia broadcasting RAVIS.

AO "Sarapulsky radio plant" presented promising RAVIS digital radios. MIPT representatives demonstrated the unique capabilities and services of the RAVIS broadcasting system, including the broadcast of a standard-resolution television program (broadcast on the same frequency of video content with a demonstration on the screen of a smartphone and tablet (without the use of the Internet)).

A festive “Lube” musical group concert and fireworks concluded the Arms Forum in the city of Izhevsk, Republic Udmurtskaya on September 19.