Innovative Digital Terrestrial Multimedia Broadcasting System


OOO NPP Triada-TV was created in 1992 in Novosibirsk. The main specialization of the enterprise is the production of the TV and radio broadcasting equipment.

Today OOO NPP Triada-TV is the leader of the branch and one of the main suppliers of the equipment according to the Federal program of development of digital TV broadcasting in Russia.

Serial production of RAVIS digital transmitters is provided for in cooperation with OOO "NPP Triada-TV" (Novosibirsk). The prototype was successfully tested in Kazan and Izhevsk during the pilot tests of the RAVIS system.

The transmitter with an average output power of up to 500 W (in accordance with the decision of MRFC) provided signal reception within a radius of at least 40 km and covered almost the entire Kazan and Izhevsk. The transmitter is certified.

The enterprise is the production site of technological equipment for the creation of the RAVIS digital transmitters.