Innovative Digital Terrestrial Multimedia Broadcasting System


Ltd. “Research and production company “SAD-COM” was established in 2004 by doctor of technical sciences, prof. Dvorkovich V.P. to carry out research and development of algorithms and systems in the field of telecommunications, namely systems of compression and transmission of multimedia information and their metrological support.
In 2010, the company became a resident of FIC "SKOLKOVO "with the project "Creation of the domestic system of terrestrial multimedia broadcasting "RAVIS".
The company and a number of its employees have rights to a number of intellectual property objects (patent for invention, patent for utility model, registration of computer programs).
The team led by Professor Dvorkovich V. P. performed a variety of works, including:

1. Development of digital terrestrial multimedia broadcasting system RAVIS for VHF frequency range.
The system is standardized in Russia (adopted 5 GOSTs) and recognized internationally (included in three Reports of the radio Sector of the international telecommunication Union ITU-R and three reports of the European Committee on electronic means of communication ECC).
Developed software and hardware systems, prototypes of equipment.
Successful field tests of broadcasting in Moscow and Sochi have been conducted.

Development of measuring equipment for analog television and sound broadcasting (video analyzers computer VC-1 and VK-2, audio analyzer computer AK-1, complex measuring television KI-TV, etc.; sold more than 100 complexes), for digital television broadcasting (KI-TVM, KI-TVM-e, KI-TSV; devices purchased by FSUE RTRS and FGUP VNIIFTRI).
Measuring devices are certified. On the basis of CI-TVM-e the state reference standard will be created.

3. Development of Vphone video conferencing system.
On the basis of the VPhone system, several major projects were carried out:
- distance learning systems for Russian New University, State Humanitarian Academy;
- video subsystem of Primorka satellite communication system (Russian Government prize in science and technology for 2004).);
- system of remote press conferences;
- system "Valecne television" in Ukraine, etc.

4. Development of video conferencing software terminal of standard H. 323 with two video streams (dual video) DAV-Telekon.

5. Development of mobile telemedicine complex MTMK (mobile secure video conferencing terminal with autonomous power supply and a wide range of interfaces).

The company's activity: development of algorithms and systems in the field of telecommunications, namely:
- image and video processing and compression;
- processing and compression of sound and speech;
- digital transmission of information through various communication channels (including channel coding and modulation algorithms);
- evaluation of the quality of video and audio information;
- metrology of systems of analog and digital transmission of audio and video information.