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Moscow Institute of physics and technology (MIPT) is the leading technical University in the country, which is included in the prestigious rankings of the best universities in the world. It teaches fundamental and applied physics, mathematics, computer science, chemistry, biology, computer technology and other natural and exact sciences.

Today the Institute is an advanced research center. In recent years, 64 new laboratories have been created here, where world-famous scientists work. They deal with the problems of aging and age-related diseases, applied and fundamental physics, nanooptics, quantum computing, photonics and many others.

In 1946 there was a resolution of the Council of Ministers of the USSR on the establishment of the department of physics and technology (PTD) of MSU, and 5 years later Moscow Institute of physics and technology was established on its basis.

The founding fathers of the institute are three Nobel laureates: Peter Kapitsa, Nikolay Semenov and Lev Landau, as well as the Vice-rector of Moscow state University on special issues and the curator of MIPT's predecessor, Sergey Khristianovich.

They laid the Foundation of education in MIPT – a unique system of the institute: selection of the most talented students and involvement of students in real research work under the guidance of outstanding scientists in basic organizations. There are more than a hundred such partner organizations in the institute. Among them, in addition to a number of institutes of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the largest Russian companies: Yandex, Sberbank technologies, ABBYY and many others.

About 7 000 students learn annually in MIPT and more than 80 academics and corresponding members of Russian Academy of Sciences teach here.