Innovative Digital Terrestrial Multimedia Broadcasting System


AO "Sarapul radio plant" is a manufacturer of receiving sets’ prototypes in the RAVIS standard.
Since the 2000s, the engineering department of the Sarapulsky radio plant has developed the first national digital radio in the short-waves range in the DRM standard and conducted tests in 2007 and 2009 in the Deutsche Welle laboratory.
AO SRP makes prototypes of digital radios in the RAVIS standard: Real-time Audio Visual Information System. RAVIS is designed for broadcasting in the ranges 66-74 and 87.5-108 MHz (VHF and FM) and transmits in these ranges from 10 to 15 programs with stereo sound CD-quality in one standard radio channel or stream high-quality video (TV program).
At this stage, JSC "Sarapul radio plant" (the largest defense enterprise in Russia, located in Udmurtia) provides the serial production of receiving equipment. Prototypes of digital receivers for civil and special applications both stationary and for installation in moving vehicles have been made.

The RAVIS system provides video, audio and other accompanying information for fixed and mobile reception. RAVIS also provides:

  • higher number and quality of sound programs (10-15 high-quality sound programs in one radio channel);
  • introducing new services, including video broadcasting, in stable mobile reception;
  • lower power consumption of broadcasting;
  • larger coverage area of one transmitter, opportunity to make small and large single-frequency networks.

On the basis of the technology underlying the RAVIS system, special application systems can be made, for example:

  • the system of a multicast transfer of data (video, audio, telemetry);
  • local wireless communication system in urban and field conditions;
  • video communication system between ships in the water area;
  • radio data transmission channel for aircraft (control commands on board and data, including video, from the board);
  • various kinds of training systems and systems for assessing the quality of special equipment.