Innovative Digital Terrestrial Multimedia Broadcasting System


The RAVIS system provides:

  • significant, more than ten times, increase in the efficiency of VHF radio frequency range, as in one standard FM radio channel it is possible to transmit more than 10 high quality stereo sound programs or several multichannel (5.1) sound programs;
  • broadcasting of video programs for mobile consumers, the possibility of television broadcasting in sparsely populated areas, a sharp reduction in the cost of the broadcasting system;
  • making of single-frequency broadcasting networks for mobile reception along highways and railways (for example, on Moscow – St. Petersburg and Moscow – Vladivostok highways);
  • implementation of terrestrial systems of local public warnings and organizations in emergency situations;
  • implementation of the RAVIS system in the CIS and other developing countries, active integration of Russia into the global system of digital telecommunications on the basis of the Russian standard (approval of the international standard);
  • organization of national production of equipment and broadcasting networks of RAVIS, creation of jobs;
  • significant (tenfold) reduction of energy consumption of radio transmitters;
  • making of special application systems with the ability to change the radio frequencies range and bandwidth of the radio channel, encryption of transmitted data, etc.