Innovative Digital Terrestrial Multimedia Broadcasting System


Gulyaev Yuri Vasilievich

Member of the RAS Presidium, academician

“The RAVIS system is unique and is able to enhance considerably the quality of broadcasting in Russian Federation, demonstrating innovative capabilities of Russian scientists at the international level.”

Bugaev Alexander Stepanovich

Member of the RAS Presidium, academician

“The advantages of the digital systems are evident. Digital technologies allow to launch several stations on one frequency and increase the number of radio stations on the air.”

Yuri Kostin

General Director of “Gazprom Media”

"Digital broadcasting is a global trend, and it is necessary to initiate discussion of this issue with the relevant ministries and departments. Digital broadcasting provides new opportunities, improves the quality of reception, provides the services with the opportunity for feedback.”

Gennady Muhetdinov

Press Secretary of "Technoserv Consulting»

"The RAVIS system can be considered promising from the point of view of the development of digital broadcasting in the country, as it saves radio frequency range, and is focused on the transmission of high-quality audio and video signal in the presence of interference.”