Innovative Digital Terrestrial Multimedia Broadcasting System

Innovative Digital Terrestrial Multimedia Broadcasting System

RAVIS, Real-time Audio Visual Information System, is a Russian digital terrestrial multimedia broadcasting system, one of the groundbreaking innovative technologies.

RAVIS developing started in 2000. The system is based on Russian patents, passed national standardization (5 state standards accepted) and prepared for international standardization within International Telecommunications Union (included in ITU-R reports).

RAVIS provides broadcasting of one high-quality TV program through a radio channel. A program may be received in both motion (in vehicle) and stationery. The system also supports on-air working of up to 12 radio stations in one frequency, which solves the problem of air overloading in analogue mode.

Russian innovation technology

Tests in Moscow and Sochi

Test zones in Kazan and Izhevsk

Recognized in Russia and abroad

RAVIS provides

What a listener gets

Reception on a regular whip antenna
Easy program search by name, genre, theme etc.
Stable mobile reception
High-quality sound (stereophonic, multichannel 5.1, immersive object-oriented sound)
Road information, weather forecast and other additional services

Patents and standards


RAVIS test regions in Russia

Comparative cost of organizing one audio program broadcasting